Lisa Halloween 2018 Fundraiser Rassak Real Estate Langley

Halloween 2018 Fundraiser – Willoughby Elementary Halloween Dance

On Wednesday, October 31st, we were hosting our Halloween 2018 Fundraiser. This is our one major fundraiser for the year. The money from our fundraiser will be used to purchase items and activities for our students that will enhance their experiences here at Willoughby Elementary.

Thank you for helping us to make Willoughby Elementary the best school in the universe!

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Lusa Soccer Kicking Cancer Fundraiser Rassak Real Estate Langley

LUSA Soccer – Kicking Cancer Fundraiser

Standing strong for our LUSA SOCCER CLUB “KICKING CANCER FUNDRAISER”.  As what was supposed to be a sunny summer day in Langley to support LUSA….we ended up with the rain.  That sure didn’t stop all the Coaches, Kids, Adults and Families from coming down and buying a Snow Cone to help support the cause!  We appreciated all the donations and a huge THANK YOU to all the staff coaches for putting on such an amazing event.  Not only did you organize the fundraiser you also involved yourself in the activities that were being held.  That alone shows your dedication to he players, the club and yourselves!!


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Arthur and Lisa Rassak Real Estate Langley

Lusa Spain Soccer Sponsorship

As a proud supporter of the U12 LUSA Spain Travel Team…we have decided to help sponsor these talented boys in order to provide an opportunity of a life time. This trip holds near and dear to our hearts as our own son will be attending this experience.

Details are as follows:  Any LUSA Family or referrals through the LUSA Family where it would provide us an opportunity to represent them in a real estate purchase or sale, we will glady forward half of our net commissions into the boys trip fund.  We are a devoted soccer family and have a passion for the game.  We would be honored to help these boys in any way possible.


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Rassak Willoughby Elementary Fun Fair Real Estate Langley

Willoughby Elementary Fun Fair

Team Rassak was so excited to be a part of this fundraiser in order to help support our PAC.  The Fun Fair happens every 2 years and the amount of work and time invested into this event goes to show how dedicated the PAC is to our children.  Raising money for schools is critical in order to provide as many opportunities as possible for the kids.  With having our own children attend Willoughby for over the past 5 years, we couldn’t be more happy to involve our family and give back to the community.  Many Thanks and Appreciation goes to our Principle Mrs. Giovani for holding such a strong school together with ethics and structure that teaches our children how to grow into compassionate people.

We can’t wait for the next fundraiser!!!!  GO TEAM RASSAK!

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R.E Mountain Secondary School Boys Rubgy team Rassak Real Estate Langley

R.E Mountain Secondary School Boys Rubgy team

We were proud to support our local High School “R.E Mountain Secondary” for the Boys Rugby Team.  Here is what the school says about the programs they have to offer:

The athletic program at R.E. Mountain Secondary School, grounded in integrity, promotes character development and collaboration.  We believe that athletic competition is a powerful teacher.  Physical and mental challenges in a team context offer athletes the opportunity to develop leadership skills, self–confidence and a commitment to others that will inspire them to lead productive and active lives.

As “Team Rassak” we have children of our own and understand the importance of keeping our children active and mentally focused.  Each child is different and learns in different ways.  As long as they feel confident in what their passion is, we as adults can feel confident in them.

I wish we could support every sport out there….step by step!

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Langleys Top U10 Academy Soccer Team Rassak Real Estate Langley

Langleys Top U10 Academy Soccer Team! GO TEAM STORM!

LUSA U10 ACADEMY TEAM aka TEAM STORM!  This soccer team has been together for over 4 years and are like family.  Their heart and game play surpasses many!  We are very fortunate to have our son be part of such an amazing group of boys where all of us families have become so closely united.

Team Rassak decided to make these boys feel confident and game ready by looking sharp and having soccer kits to enter the field with for every game.

These photos were from the Tournament in Seattle that we play every year.  COMING AND GOING OUT STRONG….WE WON THE GOLD!


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Langley Sports Rassak Real Estate Langley

Langley Sports Association for Girls Basketball

We were very pleased to help sponsor the “Langley Sports Association” for Girls Basketball.

Langley Sports Association provides an atmosphere for young athletes to pursue and achieve their goals. During their journey, athletes will build life long bonds with other athletes, coaches and staff. However, the life skills learned will take them far beyond the court, track or field. Langley Sports Association’s programs are geared for committed athletes that are dedicated to a higher level of fitness and skill development.

Keeping our children focused with a drive for a happy and successful future is the best gift we can ask for!

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