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Arthur and Lisa are proud parents of 2 energetic, lovable children…Kayah who is 11 and Carson who is 9. They started their family which consisted with just the two of them 20 years ago. Kayah has an artistic ability that makes them speechless and attends the Local Neighbourhood Art Studio. Carson is their future soccer star and his dedication in everything he does is something to be admired. He has been a part of LUSA Soccer Association since he was 3. They feel very grateful that both of their children have a talent that will takes them far in their future and do their best to support the local community.

Life Balance is very critical to Arthur and Lisa and they work very hard to make it happen. They are travellers at heart and strive to give their children the opportunity to learn other cultures and gain experience which then allows them to be good well rounded people.

Mother & Father + Husband & Wife + Neighbourhood Specialists + Professional Realtors®

About Arthur

Arthur has over a decade of experience working as a builder and carpenter, which eventually led him to pursue his real estate license. Arthur’s unique background is an asset for sellers looking to increase the value of their homes. He’s passionate about helping his clients with strategic renovation advice and insights, and he loves to negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best possible offers

About Lisa

For Lisa, real estate is all about people. With over 12 years experience as a real estate investor and home stager, Lisa loves to advise clients about current market trends and how they can benefit from minor home updates and staging techniques. Lisa is passionate about building strong relationships with her clients and delivering exceptional results.

This combined knoweldge of Team Rassak has allowed them to fully understand how to help and guide their clients so they benefit in the current market conditions and what type of investment will provide the most VALUE.


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